Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Create a Purchase Invoice in ERPNext?

Purchase invoices can be directly created from Purchase Orders.
1. Go to the "Buying Module"
2. Select "Purchase Order"
3. Open the respective Purchase Order

You will see a print view of the Purchase Order as shown below. Click on the "View Details" button to open the Purchase Order


Once the Purchase Order is opened click on the "Make Invoice" button as shown below.

On clicking the "Make Invoice" button all the details from the Purchase Order like supplier, item, quantity, rates etc.  are copied in the Purchase Invoice. You can edit these details and save and submit the invoice as shown below.
1. Series: You need to select the naming/numbering series for the invoice.
2. Enter the voucher date (Date on which the transaction was entered in the system)
3. Enter the due date (Date by which the payment is to be made)
4. Enter the posting date (Date on which the accounting ledgers would get affected)
5. Enter the Bill No and Bill Date (Bill given by the supplier)


Scroll down to the Item Table. Scroll to the right side in the table and select the "Expense Account" and "Cost Centre". (If you do not maintain cost centre you can select "Default CC")

Now you can save the Purchase Invoice.

Once the invoice is Saved a Submit button will appear. You can edit the invoice after saving. Once you Submit the invoice no further changes can be made You can then Print and Email the invoice as shown below.

Hope this helps to create a Purchase Invoice from an existing Purchase Order.

Similarly you can also create a Purchase Invoice from a Purchase Receipt. The system will automatically take care of the amount if already part invoices are raised against the "Purchase Order or "Purchase Receipt"

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