Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Maintain Attendance Records in ERPNext?

There are 2 ways in which you can enter attendance:
1. You can create daily attendance record for each employee. This is advisable if you have fewer employees.
2. If you have a card swipe system which can give a csv output, you can upload the attendance using a csv file too.

Following post will help you to maintain attendance records.

1. To create individual attendance record on daily basis:

Go to HR >> Attendance:

Select the employee code, shift and status

Select the correct date for which you want to mark the attendance

Click on the Save button. Once you save a transaction number will be generated and a "Submit" button will appear. Click on the Submit button to confirm the attendance as below.

2. To Upload the attendance for multiple employees for multiple days

Go to HR >> Leave and attendance >> Attendance Control Panel.

Select the from date and to date for which you want to mark the attendance and click on the "Get Template" button.

You can open the template using in a spreadsheet (ms excel, openoffice etc.)  as below. The template will have a list of all the employees for all the dates you have selected above. You only need to enter the attendance "Status" as "Present" "Absent" or "Half Day". Save this file as ".csv"

Upload the above file as below:

Now click on the "Import" button to update the attendance as shown below.

You will also be able to see the Import Log once the attendance data is imported.

How to check the Attendance Report?

Go to HR >>Reports >>Monthly Attendance Report

Hope this helps to update attendance records and take out reports from ERPNext.

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