Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Start Entries in the New Fiscal Year in ERPNext?

To start entering transactions in  the new fiscal year
1. Create new Fiscal Year and carry forward the balances
2. Create new Naming Series

Note: Creation of fiscal year might take little time since it gets updated in each accounting ledger with balance for new fiscal year.

1. Creating new Fiscal Year

Go to Modules -->Setup --> Fiscal year --> Create the New Fiscal Year as 2012-13

Enter the "New Year", "Start Date " and click on the "Save" button. It might take few seconds to create the new year.

Now Go to Setup -->Global Defaults and change the "Current Fiscal Year".

Enter the "New Fiscal Year" and click the "Save" button.

Now "logout" and "login" again and you are ready to start performing entries in the new fiscal year.

2. Creating New Naming Series

To create new Naming Series for the new fiscal year click How to create/add/edit naming series for transactions?

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  2. I am not able to register the Fiscal Year, when i save it it says did not save, i have checked the forum also for this kind of issues, but could not see anything, i think the issue is cause of dropdown to select past year and with which i am not able to go ahead.


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  4. Hi, how can I transfer the profit of year X to year X+1 (retained earning ) ??