Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Manage Chart of Accounts in ERPNext?

A default chart of accounts is automatically created when you setup your ERPNext account. This will create all standard accounting groups and ledgers. You can maintain your chart of accounts in a tree structure and check the balance at any node.

Groups: Account heads under which you can create sub groups and ledgers
Ledgers: Account heads which can be selected in the transactions. You cannot create any further account under a ledger.

How to access the chart of accounts?

1. Click on the Accounts Module
2. Click Chart of Accounts

How to explore the Chart of Accounts?
Eg: Create a new tax ledger under the group "Duties and Taxes"

1. Click on the "+" box to explore the nodes. Once clicked "+" will change to "-"
Select "Duties and Taxes" to create a new tax account ledger

1. Click on  "Add a Child Account" button

Add the details as below and click on the "Create" button. This will add a tax ledger "VAT 12.5" under the group "Duties and Taxes" 

Similarly you can add more "Groups" and "Ledgers" in your Chart of Accounts.

Master Type:

This field has three option:

1. Customer
2. Supplier
3. Employee

Account head created for category other than the few mentioned above, it will be NA. Since, ledger for customer and supplier is created automatically as soon as you add them in respective masters. Select master type only when you add ledger for employee, else keep it NA.


  1. i can run a report on accounts but I cannot see the chart of accounts in tree structure. Why can that be ?

  2. Hi Jens,

    All the ledgers in report in tree structure will be available in trial balance report. It will show account balances for all the ledger in tree structure just like in chart of accounts.

  3. Hi Umair, I have created more than one company in ERPNext, but I can only view Chart Of Accounts of the default company. Even when I navigate to another company's record and click View - Chart of Accounts, it only shows that of the default company and there is no option to select COA of another company. When adding Journal Entries and if I select the non-default company, there are no accounts to choose from. Is there something wrong with how my subsequent companies are created? When I exported accounts from the system, the accounts for default and subsequent companies are there.

    1. Sorry, it was a problem on my side. I realized the Company record wasn't completely saved in my browser session, so all is good now. Thanks.