Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to do Point of Sales Transaction in ERPNext?

Now you can carry out Point of Sales transactions in ERPNext. From a single transaction you can carry out accounting and inventory entries. This can be used by retailers selling mobile phones, laptops, computer hardware, apparels etc. This will give a real time analysis of the sales and inventory at your multiple outlets. Also you can seamlessly integrate bar-code scanners!

Follow the below steps to create POS Settings and carry out POS transactions in ERPNext

Create a POS Setting
1. Go to Setup
2. Click Accounts
3. Click POS Setting

Click on the New POS Setting Button

Enter the setting details depending on the territory of the store or a particular user and you are ready to carry out your POS operations.

Creating a POS Transaction
1. Go to the Accounts Module
2. Click on New Sales Invoice

  1. Select the Is POS Check Box. If the "update stock" checkbox is checked this invoice will also reduce the corresponding qty of the item from the warehouse.
  2. Select the customer.

Scroll down to the the "Items" section.

3. Enter the item name. This will automatically fetch the item description and rate. Enter the quantity. You can add multiple items in a sing POS invoice. The applicable taxes, terms and condition and letter head will be automatically entered depending on the POS settings created as mentioned above.

4. Click  on the Save button. Check the invoice again. You can still edit the invoice.
5.Once the pos invoice is saved a "Submit" button will show up. Click on the submit button to freeze the invoice.
6. Click on the Print button to print the invoice.

Hope this helps you to create your POS transactions in ERPNext.

For more information: http://www.erpnext.com


  1. Hi Umair, is it possible to do a POS transaction without having a customer already saved on the system? For example, can I create an invoice for a new customer without first adding him to the system? If so, how would you go about doing that?

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