Thursday, November 1, 2012

ERPNext: A Perfect Fit For Distributors & Retailers

ERPNext is the software application available in SaaS and self-hosted environment. It's a generic product being used by companies into trading, manufacturing and services. The big segment of our customer base is formed by companies into trading and distribution business. They deal in consumer durable products like computers, hardware, household electronics item etc.

Let's understand the business challenges faced by distribution / retails companies and how ERPNext address those challenges.

  1. Serialize Items:

    For company into trading business of consumer durables, its very crucial for them to keep track of each unit in warehouse and store. Misplacing one unit can have big impact on overall profitability as per unit cost of item is high.

    ERPNext let's company track items inventory and movement by unique id which is Serial No. On every physical movement of item, it's serial no. is fed into system. Looking at Serial Nos. log, one gets complete idea of station item has been through.

  2. Point of Sales:

    Most of the retail business have to opt for POS software which is not integrated with enterprise application. This leads to duplication of entries from POS application into accounting application to consolidate the income and expenses incurred at different stores.

    ERPNext has in-built feature of POS invoicing which does joint entry of Delivery Note, Sales Invoice and Payment Entry in one single transaction. It allows you to define defaults for each store and pull items from barcode scanning.

    Since POS is integral and online feature of ERPNext, it provides real-time data to management on billing happening at stores. Invoicing at same time also post GL entries in accounting ledger, hence provides real-time financial standing of each store.

  3. Multiple Store and Warehouse:

    ERPNext is fully scalable to meet requirement of your growing business. You can add unlimited retails stores, warehouses and users in single erpnext account. On opening of every store and warehouse, just add them in system, plug computer with internet connection and newly opened store, warehouse is in complete sync. No need setup hardware and infrastructure at new location.
  4. Sales - Inventory - Accounts Integration:

    The integrated ERP application helps user track the pending orders to be delivered and billed to customers. When dealing with other corporate, delivery and billing is not happening at same time. The integrated software lets you book Sales Order when customer confirms an order. Against Sales Order, systems allows you to make partial delivery as and when its happening and get report on pending orders to be delivered.

  5. After Sales Support:

    Consumer durable equipment always needs timely maintenance support. The serialized inventory and support module of ERPNext helps you track warranty and AMC expiry of each item sold. Using Support Ticket, you can track customers queries in the system, send them auto-reply with unique support ticket id. Using Customer Issue, you can manage Open, In Progress and Resolved queries of customers.
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ERPNext Team


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  3. Since POS is integral and online feature of ERPNext, it provides real-time data to management on billing happening at stores. Invoicing at same time also post GL entries in accounting ledger, hence provides real-time financial standing of each store. retail security services

  4. ERP software helps any company to track warranty and expiry of every item that is sold. It is useful for trading business of consumer durables. It is also flexible and scalable that meets your growing business.

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