Sunday, January 23, 2011

ERPNext Implementation Story - Rohit Group Of Industries

This is ERPNext implementation story by one of our customer. Incidentally this was his first blog on the internet too. Feels great that we are able to make our customers blog about us.
Well this is my first blog of sorts and I have been forced by my conscience to write about the product which has put all my plans in place for my organisation.
First some introduction my organisation, we are into manufacturing of cutting tools and we have around 5000 stock items though the quantity of stock average is 100 nos. We also have many locations which are far apart.
Ours is a typical Indian family owned small business, by this I mean that our organisation did not had any inventory figures and nothing was organised properly. Now being a person who likes things arranged I set my self the daunting task of putting everything in place. Now as soon as I set forth the journey I had hit a roadblock which was finding a ready made system which could suit our needs.

Though I found some application, but none were as fulfilling the needs fully. Like some apps could be good for inventory management but not good for accounting like quickbooks. Some were not possible to share over internet and some like Tally did not had the facility to import things (at least the import in tally is not as user friendly). I had also tried my hands on some open-source projects like Openbravo but their implementation was too complex and implementation cost was high.
Now I came to a conclusion that I would need to get an application tailor-made for my organisation and started my search for a vendor, now I wasted 4-months of time getting an app made which was very basic and in the end it feels like it was wasted.
But then, as all my hopes were gone I came across ERPNEXT through google. I immediately liked the software and above all the entry level pricing was not high so I gave it a shot and within 1 month of getting to know about the website. I had come to a conclusion that I would be replacing TALLY & QUICKBOOKS from my organisation with ERPNEXT.

Now the basic features which are out of the ordinary in this app are:
1.   Low entry cost.
2.   Is web-based so no computer software is needed to be installed on client side
3.   Real time sharing of data across the world since it is online.
4.   Easily import data from excel to this system, as the import formats are all saved in the the system. This is by far the best thing this team has done.
5.   Robust system which can handle many users at a single given time
6.   No need for installation on any computer, just internet and a browser is needed.

The best thing about the software is that it is easily customisable as per our need, I have already had like 5 to 6 customizations made for my organisation from the ERPNEXT team and I am amazed at their pricing and also the speed and accuracy with which the team understands the needs of the customer. I am saying this because I have come across a lot of software vendors who are good at coding but not so good at understanding the needs of the customers with regards to manufacturing.
The implementation part of this software is also not so difficult and it was done by one person (that is me) without any help from the team as well, so it shows how well made this product is. The best thing is that with every import option they have given an import format which makes life much more easier.
Another great aspect is that the ability to add infinite number of custom fields to any transaction or customer. For example, I have added the custom fields like Birthdays and Anniversaries of my customers in their contact fields which would help my business in the long term to maintain a good relation with my customers, just like the Multi-Nationals do. "

- Aditya Duggal
Rohit Industries Group Ltd.

For more info visit http://www.ERPNext .com

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