Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Create Naming Series for Transactions in ERPNext?

There are default naming series created for all the transaction when you create an ERPNext account. You can add or edit new series for any transaction.

Go to Setup >> Manage Series:

Select the transaction you want to add or edit a series.
Eg: Consider that you want to add a series "DN/2011/" for Delivery Note

You can see a list of existing series for that transaction as shown below

Suppose you want to add a series "DN/2011/" and make it the default series. Type this series above the existing series.

The 1st series in the list will be set as the default series if the "user must always select" check-box is not checked and click on "Update" button

If you do no want a default series and always want the user to select a series click on the check-box "user must always select" and click on "Update" button

Similarly you can add, edit and set default series for any transaction.

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