Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Create Item Groups?

Masters like item group, customer group, territory, sales person are in tree structure.

To create new item group, go to:

Module >> Stock >> Item group

To create new item group click on "New item group".

When click on new item group, it will ask for item group name and parent under which you want to create this item group.

Parent: Parent is the group under item group tree, under which "test item group" will be located.

What is the meaning of has child node?

Has child node field has two options, Yes or No. 

If "yes" selected for item group, it will be added as folder under item group. Item group with child no - yes will be able in parent field while creating item code.

If "no" selected for item group, it will be created as ledger and will be available for selection in item master.

You will be able to select item groups while entering item master which are marked, has child node - No.

Same way, you can define your customer groups, territories and sales person masters.

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