Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Manage Production Order?

Production order is confirmation for production to start moving resources and process raw materials to get finished good.

To create new production order, go to:

Production >> Production Order

Let's check submitted production order which will help us understand the feeding data in and next steps after raising production order.

1. Its an item which will be produced.

2. For this production order, selected bill of material will be considered. Items listed in selected bom will reduce once production completes.

3. FG warehouse: Its a finished good warehouse where finished good when produced completely will be transferred.

4. WIP warehouse: Its a warehouse where production will take place. You will need to create your shop floor as WIP warehouse. All your raw-material will be brought into WIP warehouse only.

5. Consider SA (sub-assembly) item: This field has two options, yes / no.
If select yes, you will need to transfer sub-assembly as one unit of item. You should be selecting yes only if you separately maintain stock of sub-assembly.

Select No if you don't maintain the stock of sub-assembly. If no select, in material transfer, it will pull child item mentioned in bom of sub-assembly.

Once production order is submitted, you will find next steps button which starts with material transfer.

Transfer material: 

This transaction actually takes place in stock entry, where all the raw-material will be pulled from selected BOM. 

Target warehouse will be WIP warehouse selected in production order. User will select source warehouse based on the actual stock level for that raw material item.

After selecting all the information, system will reduce stock level from source warehouse and increase the same in WIP warehouse selected.

Status of production order will change to "in process" once raw material is transferred into WIP warehouse.


Backflush is done when in actual, you have ready finished good to be transferred from shop floor to finished good warehouse. At this stage, your raw material will be considered as consumed.


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