Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Create a Salary Voucher in ERPNext ?

There are two ways for creating salary slip.

  1. Create salary slip for all the employees at once. To learn more about it, click here
  2. Create salary slip individually for all the employees.
To create salary slip for employees one by one, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open salary slip:

2. Select employee in salary slip. There are three tabs in salary slip:
  • Basic info
  • Earning and deduction
  • Totals
As soon as you select salary slip, info (like earning and deduction details, name, designation, department) will be pulled from employees salary structure.

Also days attended in selected month will be calculated based on leave transactions made (and not on based of attendance record made) for that employee in that particular month.

Salary Slip

Earning and deduction detail:
As mentioned above, earning detail pulls data from salary detail where employees earning and deduction heads are mentioned. But while making salary slip, earning and deduction heads need to be defined based on:

1. LWP (leaves without payment taken by employee in a month)
2. Over time
3. Allowance (which are on actual) etc..

That's why, their is an add of column called modified amount where amount which employee is entitled to is entered.

Checking LWP will affect amount (and give you modified amount) based on leave application made for LWP for that employee is a month. User can add amount for heads like overtime or allowance manually in earning and deduction head.

3. Total:
Add arrear amount and leave encashment if any. Save and submit.

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