Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Enter Advance Payment Received in ERPNext?

You can receive advance payments from a customer by creating a journal entry as shown below and later adjust this against multiple invoices raised against the customer.

To create an advance receipt entry go to
Accounts-->Journal Voucher and click on the "New Journal Voucher" button

Select the voucher type.

 Enter the customer account and the bank account where you will deposit the cheque.

Select Is Advance as "Yes"

Click on the "Save" button. You can still edit the voucher. To confirm the entry click on the "Submit" button as shown below. Once submitted the advance will be credited to the customer account.

Now in future you can adjust this advance against any Sales Invoice raised to the customer as shown below.
While creating the Sales Invoice select the customer, scroll down to the "Advances" section and click on the "Get Advance Received" button.

This will fetch all the voucher nos and the advance amount paid by the customer which is not adjusted against any sales invoice. Enter the amount you want to adjust against the current invoice.

This will adjust the outstanding of the invoice as shown below.

In similar manner you can create multiple advance vouchers and adjust against multiple invoices.

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