Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Configure Inventory Details of Item Master in ERPNext?

Second section in the Item master is the Inventory section.  You can capture item information like uom, asset details, stock quantity to be maintained etc. Lets discuss each field one by one in detail.

Default UoM (Unit of measurement): Default UoM of an item in which stock is maintained in warehouse. You need to select from the existing UoMs or create a new.

"Is stock item": If you want to maintain the inventory of an item, then mark it as "Yes". The inventory levels  for the items are affected whenever you select the item in transactions like sales order, purchase order, delivery note, purchase receipt or stock entry.
You can mention stock as "No" for general item of which you dont want to maintain stock level.

Default Warehouse: You can set a default warehouse for an item. Whenever a item is selected i a Sales order or a Delivery Note, the warehouse will automatically be selected from the default warehouse set in the Item master.

Valuation method: There are 2 options available:
1. FIFO: First In First Out
2. Moving Average Method:

Allowance Percentage:
 Allowance is for percentage variation in quantity to be allowed while receiving or delivering item.
For eg. You place an order for 10 nos. of an item but supplier delivers 11 nos. To be able to receive that extra item sent by supplier, your allowance percentage should be 10%.

Has Batch No: If an item is manufactured in batches you can assign batch nos as "Yes". You can create batch no master and select this item and add the qty manufactured in the master. You can then select the batch no and the item in the delivery note. This will also help you to maintain and track batch no wise inventory.

Has Serial No: If an item has serial no assign this as "Yes". You can create serial no master for this item. You can then select the serial no and the item in the delivery note. This will also help you to maintain and track serial no wise inventory.

Warranty Period: This will be automatically fetched in the serial no master and the warranty expiry date will be set depending on the delivery date in the delivery note.

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