Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Import Masters into ERPNext?

You can import all your masters like items, customers, suppliers, pricelist, warehouse using csv files in ERPNext.

Few standard to be followed when importing data:

  •   Template downloaded from ERPNext account should be followed
  •   Spreadsheet should be saved in .cvs format
  •   Header and column name in template cannot be edited (first 4 rows)
  •   Link field (like item group and warehouse) should be already present in system.

Below you can see how to import a item master.

Go to: Setup --> Import Data

Download the template of the master you want to import. For item master select "Item"

Checking download with data will pull existing data of selected record in excel template. This can be helpful for user to understand as what value to enter in which column.
You will get a list of templates of item master and all child masters inside the item. You need to select the "Item" link to download the template for the item master.
Download and open the template in a spreadsheet as shown below. Add the details in the template. Do not change the row or column positions of the headers. You can enter each item in a new row. You need to fill in all the mandatory fields.

For item master you need to first create the required
1. UOM: Unit of Measurement (Eg: Nos. Kgs. Litres etc.)

2. Item Groups: You can create multiple item groups to categorise your items. There is a "Default" group already created in the system To start with you can upload using a default group and change it later as and when required.

To manage item groups refer to

Save this file as ".csv". In the import data page click on "Browse", select the saved ".csv" file and click on Import.

On importing you can see a log of the imported items on the right hand side as shown below. If there is any error it will be mentioned with the specific row and column number where the error exist.  

In similar manner you can upload customer, supplier and other masters
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