Thursday, November 4, 2010

How ERPNext Helped Drive Scale and Efficiency in a Growing Business.

Mr. Suraj Surana, one of the Director at Peekay International comments “We have a lot more reports that we can view, which helps us manage our business more efficiently. We do not require trained professionals to do simple data entry as with many other business applications which require training before it can be put to use. The best feature is that this application runs on a web browser. No cd's or installation files required. I can get to know what is happening in my company weather I am in Mumbai or Delhi or any other part of the world. All I require is just an Internet Connection on a computer.”
About PeeKay International
PeeKay International Ltd. is an exporter of textile fabrics, mainly cotton fabrics. It was established in 1991. It does business in parts of Europe, U.S.A, Canada Middle East and South Eastern Asia and South Africa. It also carries out trading in the domestic market.
It is using ERPNext since October 2009.

Business Challenges
  1. Manual delivery challans were prepared from multiple locations. These were then sent by post to the head office where accounting entries happened. Multiple entries were happening at head office and warehouse which was leading to errors.
  2. Stocks was maintained manually and there was very less visibility of stocks at various locations
How did we implement?
  1. Initial 3 days of onsite training was provided to the key users to upload the masters and important transactions.
  2. Few dummy entries were carried out to for a month to understand how various scenarios will be handled by the system.
  3. We started with inventory management module and after 6 months accounting was also implemented.
  4. New users were trained by the existing users.
  5. For any queries online chat and phone support was used.
How did ERPNext help?
ERPNext provided a solution to improve inventory management and accounting reports.
  1. There is a single system where all the stocks and accounting entries are done.
  2. Entries are done from various locations and reports are visible online.
  3. Stock at various locations is available online.
  4. Outstanding of customers are tracked easily.
  5. It is easy to train new users and get them working on the system.
  6. Real-time stock valuation at various locations is available.
  7. Stock lying with sub contractors can be tracked in the system.
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