Thursday, November 4, 2010

ERPNext at the Economic Times Asia IT Expo 2010.

We got around 300 interested visitors.From my interactions I got a feel that people have started understanding SaaS ERP/CRM, cloud computing and are becoming comfortable with hosted solutions. Awareness as to how new age hosted solutions can help them evaluate and use technology at lower cost is spreading among small and mid size business owners. People are showing interest to learn about new solutions available and try them out. Till now the sheer cost and upfront investment have restricted small businesses to use software for managing and growing their businesses.

SMEs in USA, China and Europe are so much more ahead due to adoption of technology in capitalising the opportunities and staying ahead. In near future only those companies who adopt smarter ways to operate their businesses will grow and more importantly survive. Indian SMEs will have to move ahead of excel dheets and tally if they want to have a competitive edge in the local as well as global market.
What I am finding is the 2nd and 3rd generation business owners are taking control who are much more familiar with using technology and softwares. This will drive the adoption of CRM/ERP and SaaS solutions.
Also software companies who will not innovate and come up with good quality low cost solutions will not survive. There are companies of all sizes including SAP and Microsoft trying to capture the huge Indian SME market.

Lets see how smart the Indian SMEs are to adopt new technology and fuel its growth.

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