Friday, December 23, 2011

Price List to Manage Multiple Currency

Price list is the master to list multiple selling rate (before tax) for the item. To learn uploading pricelist, please click here.

As per the recent update in pricelist, you can list item pricelist in any currency and make sales transactions in any currency.

Let's consider the scenario, where the company XYZ Pvt. Ltd. based in India, has INR as the basic account currency.

Company maintains its item price list in USD as against there company default currency.

Now, when making transaction, say sales order, pricelist will be pulled in USD. But we need to make sales order in INR.

Frappe is the item whos selling price is 1 USD. Now we need to make sales order in INR. So,

Customer currency will be INR only. And as it is also a base currency of application, conversion rate remains 1.

Pricelist currency is USD for frappe. But as we need pricing in INR, we mention conversion factor for USD with respect to INR.

Picture above shows ref rate, rate and amount in currency INR currency for selected item. Its what will be reflected in print format.

Let's consider another scenario where accounts basic currency is INR. Am making items price list in USD and making sales order also in USD.

Ref rate, rate and amount (without * ) is columns for customer currency.

Raf rate*, basic rate* and amount* is column for base currency which is calculated after multiplying price list rate with conversion rate
(34.90 (price list) * 53 (conversion rate) = 1,849.70 INR)

And the most basic scenario where accounts basic currency, price list and customer currency is same.

Both pricelist and custom currency remain same with conversion factor 1.

Broadly speaking, now you can manage pricelist and transactions in any currency possible.


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