Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Add Landing Costs for Purchase Items After the Purchase Invoice is Created?

Updating landed costs in Purchase Receipts after Purchase Invoices have been made can be done through Landed Cost Wizard. Stock valuation will also be updated based on the valuation rate in Landed Cost.

To update landed costs follow steps as shown below.

Select the period From PR(Purchase Receipt) Date and To Date. Click on the "Get Purchase Receipt" button. All Purchase Receipts created in this period will get fetched.

Click the check box against those Purchase Receipts in which you want to update landed costs.
The landed costs will be distributed proportionally in all selected Purchase Receipts.

Mention the account head of the landed cost, a short description and amount. The account head is fetched from the Chart of Accounts.

Click on Update PR. This will update all Purchase Receipts included above. The landed cost will be proportionally distributed among all items in each Purchase Receipt.

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