Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Create Templates for Terms and Conditions in ERPNext?

You can create multiple templates for terms and conditions and select them in the transactions. These will appear at the bottom of the print format of the transactions.

To create terms and conditions template go to Selling >> Terms

Click on the New Term button

Add a Title for Terms and Conditions and type in the details in the editor as shown below. You can format the text using various options and even add tables. You can also provide a space for the authorized signatory. Click on the Save button to save the template. Everything you add in the terms will appear in the print format.

In any transaction you can select the terms by going to the "Terms" section as shown below. Click on the "Search" icon and select the required template.

Now click on the "Get Terms Button"

You can also edit these terms after selecting. Thew changes made will be applied only to the current transaction. This will not affect the template created.

Similarly you can create multiple templates, select in a transaction and print them.

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