Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Create a Template for Taxes and Other Charges Related to Sales in ERPNext?

You can add taxes for example VAT , CST etc in sales transactions directly. But if there is a standard set of taxes which are always applicable, then it would be convenient to create a template for taxes and other charges and select the same in transactions. This would be more convenient to use and save time.

To create such a template follow steps as shown below.

Click on "New Other Charges" to get a screen as shown below. Mention the title of the template which will be selected in the transaction to pull the tax details. You can select Type based on the following requirements :

  1. Actual - when you know the actual amount of tax or other charge to be added to the net total, mention the amount in the Rate column.
  2. On Net Total - will be selected when a tax percentage has to be calculated on the net total.
  3. On Previous Row Amount - will be selected if a tax percentage needs to be calculated over the previous row tax amount . In this case mention the Row Id.
  4. On Previous Row Total - will be selected when a tax percentage needs to be calculated over the total of net total and the previous row tax amount. In this case also mention the Row Id

Select the relevant tax account head applicable. The account head should be created under Chart of Accounts. The tax rate will be mentioned in the account head and will get fetched under the Rate column on selecting the same. You can add multiple taxes in a single template.

Save the template. You can now pull the tax details in your sales transactions. Lets open a Sales Order and select the template we just created above.

Select the template and click on Get Charges button. In this way you can fetch the taxes in Delivery Note and Sales Invoice as well.

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