Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Add New Users and Assign Roles in ERPNext?

You can add users using their email ids in ERPNext. A user can be assigned multiple roles and permissions.

To add new user and assign roles go to:
Setup--> System--> Manage Users

Click on "Roles" to assign roles to the user.

? = It will show forms (transactions) for which user will get permissions if checked.

Click on the "Save" button at the bottom when role is assigned.

To delete user:

To delete exsiting user, you will first need to disable him / her and then delete. To disable user, click on:

Settings >> Uncheck Enabled

After disabling user, when we update, we will find "X" option over that user. Clicking on it will delete that user from master.

Hope this helps to add users in ERPNext.

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  1. It might be easier to assign documents to Roles instead of roles to documents.

  2. Found a great vidoe on how to add / import users into ERPNext 9.