Friday, September 16, 2011

Feature Setup

Feature setup lets system manager select feature based on its companies operation. Like if company is not into import and export, then unchecking that will hide fields related to import / export feature. This will make ERPNext account more suitable to your business needs.

How to go to feature setup?

There are four sections in feature setup:
  1. Material
  2. Selling
  3. Production
  4. Miscellaneous 
Material modules feature setup:

  1. Item Serial No.
    Checking item serial no. will make serial no. field visible in item master. Also stock ledger entries will happen based serial no. entered in sales and purchase transactions.
  2. Item Batch No.
    It will make batch no. field visible in item master. And it will also keep a check of whether you are entering batch no. or not while sales and purchases.

  3. Brands
    This will let you maintain brand master and select brand for each item. It will also enable brand wise items sales / purchase report. Unchecking brands will simple hide option of brands from setup and item master.

  4. Item Advance
    It will let you maintain item codes (item name) given by your customer. It will help you pull your items in sales transactions based on customers item code mentioned in purchase order. If you don't want to track your customers item code, then uncheck Item advance.

  5. Sales BOM
    Sales BOM is a form where you can list main item which you deal in and other accessories which are supplied with that main item. Consider cell phones, handset is main item while charger, ear phone, CD makes a complete package. If you are not dealing in such product, uncheck.

  6. Item Group
    Is feature which enable user to define categories of item he is dealing in. These categories will be selected for each of the item. It will also give item group wise sales and purchase report. Suggested!
Selling module feature setup:
  1. ERPNext also handle transactions when you are dealing you foreigner customer / supplier.
    checking export / import feature allows user to select currency other than his default. If you are not dealing with party outside your home country, you can uncheck it.
  2. Discount
    Checking for this feature will enable discount offering feature in your sales cycle (sales order, delivery note, sales invoice). If you are not offering discount to your customer, then please uncheck it. Suggested!

  3. Projects
    Its for the company which needs to track project wise sales and purchases.

  4. Sales Extra
    This will activate sales partners / sales person master, allow there selection in sales transactions and also generate a report (sales partner wise commission, sales person wise target variance report, sales person wise sales booked) based on transactions they are tagged in.
Production module feature setup:

  1. Manufacturing
    Check only if you are into manufacturing business. This will let you define bill of material for items, manage sub-contracting and raise production orders.

  2. Quality
    Quality feature lets you define inspection parameter for each of the item which will be used for sampling on receipt, delivery or production of item.

  3. Point of sales
    Only for the company into retail business. To learn more about point for sales feature, click here.
  1. Page Break
    It will add column in item table of sales and purchase transactions. As name suggest on checking page break after any item will push rest of the detail on new page for printing. Suggested!

  2. More Info
    More info gives you information about transaction creator and modifier with date and time. Suggested!

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