Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Interact With Cutomers Using Support Ticket?

Support ticket helps you automated tracking customer issues which are received in email. If support ticket configured, it will pull mail received on particular email id and create a support ticket in erpnext account.

Each support ticket is assigned a unique no. which is also sent to customer in auto-reply to his query. This helps customer too in following up with you by indicating support ticket no.

Support ticket can be:
  1. Allocated to support personnel
  2. Replied via system itself and track complete email communication over a ticket.
  3. Tracked by status. Tickets which are pending for response is set as "Open". Tickets which are replied is set as "Waiting for Customer". Tickets which are closed is set as "Closed".
Who can access support ticket?
User will need role of "Support team" for accessing support ticket.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to configure support ticket.

In email setting, you will find two options:

1. Out-going mail setting
2. Support ticket mail setting

Once this setting is done correctly, email received on id mentioned here will be pulled into system and there will be support ticket created with unique id and status as open till support executive replies to it.

Status is also assigned as a tag to ticket. You can filer ticket based on status, allocate to support people. Then support staff can filter support ticket allocated to them.

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