Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Can I Give Limited Access To My Users?

ERPNext lets you give restrictive access to users. You can define access for users in each department wherein they will be able to see document concerned to him / her.

To go to permission manager, follow this route:

Module >> Setup >> Permission manager

Go to permission manager:

  1. Set permission for:
    Select document for which you need to define access to permission based on their role.
  2. Selecting document will pull table describing access to each role on that particular document.
For more specific role definition like:
1. User should be able to see leads made by him
2. User should see leads allocated to him
3. Particular user should be work on specific customers only etc etc..

From restrict by option, you can change restrict user based on:
  1. Company: In-case you have created multiple company. You can define access for each user and that user will get permission to see form and transactions belonging to that company only.
  2. Customer: If you want particular person should be able to see details of few specific customers
  3. Territory: Its the most widely used parameter in permission setting. You can define access of user to the territory he belongs.
  4. Project: User will be able to see projects allocated to him or created by him.

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