Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Create Custom Fields in ERPNext?

You can create custom fields in any transaction and make them available in print formats and reports.

To create a custom field go to Setup-->System-->Custom Field

Click the "New Custom Field" button.

Enter the details as shown below

Click on the Save button. A unique number will be generated for the custom field. On saving the new field will be added in all the new transactions of the corresponding document. Please refresh the system once before creating a new transaction.

For more information and free trial visit http://www.erpnext.com


  1. After a custom field has been created, can values be applied to prior transactions? i.e. I created a Project Description field in Sales Order. Can I go back to submitted Sales Orders and update?

    1. Sorry for delay in response.

      Yes. If transaction is submitted one's, they check "Allow on Submit" for custom field. This will allow you to update Project Description in Submitted Sales Orders as well. The value in Saved record can be updated anytime.

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